• BUFF Trucker Cap, Bark Stone Blue

BUFF Trucker Cap, Bark Stone Blue


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Chrome Graphite - Elevate your style and write your own story with the BUFF® Trucker Cap Collection. About A. D. Maddox - Raised in an environment that encouraged artistic thought, A.D. Maddox has been painting for as long as she can remember. After traveling extensively through her 20s, she began her professional career in Wyoming, painting trout. Fascinated by the vibrant colors and unique beauty of fish, Maddox develops each piece of art through her signature layering technique. In her own words - “Trout are chameleon-like, constantly changing color in and out of water. They represent an intriguing and beautiful color palette, and incorporating the water is an artistic challenge.” Maddox is inspired by the moments of serenity and simplicity that are experienced when we escape to the water to fish. Size: 58 cm Features Trucker Collection is briging back the classic 80s look with their unique collection. Prevents overheating and improves comfort by transferring moisture vapor away from the body through the fabric. Built-in inner band to wick sweat and water away, to stay comfortable at anytime. Fastening tape on the back to open/close depending on situation or weather conditions. BUFF® headwear will ensure you are properly equipped for all your outdoors activities! Designed to wick away moistures and to dry quickly, it also keeps you protected against ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Find the right accessory to combine and achieve the outfit you are searching for. Plenty of styles and colors available.

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