• Thermarest SleepLiner
  • Thermarest SleepLiner

Thermarest SleepLiner


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Complete your sleep system quiver with the ultra-soft Sleep Liner. This machine-washable liner can be used on its own or partnered with a quilt or blanket using the sewn-in loops. Slide this into your sleeping bag to add up to 5F/3C warmth and provides a soft interior to your bag. Three-quarter zip allows easy entry and exit. Stuff sack included. Brushed Polyester: Soft to the touch and easy to clean between adventures. Quilt and Blanket Loops: Customize your sleep system by layering our quilts or tech blankets for increased warmth. Added Warmth: Adds up to 5F/3C of warmth to your sleeping bag or quilt for nights when you need extra protection from the cold. Small Regular Long Height (Standard) 1 in 1 in 1 in Fits (Standard) 66 in 72 in 78 in Fits (Metric) 168 cm 183 cm 198 cm Weight (Standard) 10 oz 11 oz 11 oz Weight (Metric) 0.29 kg 0.31 kg 0.33 kg Width (Standard) 29 in 31 in 33 in Length (Standard) 73 in 80 in 85 in Girth, Shoulder (Standard) 56.5 in 61.5 in 64.5 in Girth, Shoulder (Metric) 144 cm 156 cm 164 cm Girth, Hip (Standard) 56.5 in 58.5 in 59.5 in Girth, Hip (Metric) 144 cm 149 cm 151 cm Girth, Foot box (Standard) 42.5 in 44.5 in 49.5 in Girth, Foot box (Metric) 108 cm 113 cm 126 cm Packed dimension (Standard) 9 in x 5 in 9 in x 5 in 9 in x 5 in Packed dimension (Metric) 23 cm x 12 cm 23 cm x 12 cm 23 cm x 12 cm Liner fabric 70D Brushed Embossed Polyester 70D Brushed Embossed Polyester 70D Brushed Embossed Polyester Zipper side Left Left Left

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