• PROFORCE Book - U.S. Army Guide To Military Mountaineering

PROFORCE Book - U.S. Army Guide To Military Mountaineering


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Imagine working all day in 100-degree plus temperatures under constant life-threatening circumstances. This is the life of a U.S. Army soldier in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, which is why the U.S. Army Desert Operations Handbook is a vital reference for survival in one of the harshest environments in the world. This official guide covers how to plan and conduct operations, how the environment affects personnel and equipment, and most importantly, how to survive and receive supplies in the desert. The obvious problems with extreme temperatures are water location and mobility. However, from handling and caring for firearms to operating and fueling a tank, the entire game changes in the dry, sandy desert conditions. The skills in this guide are taken from lessons learned in real combat situations. Success in desert operations requires the ability to adapt with constant terrain and temperature changes. This combat-tested manual is sure to arm anyone with the skills necessary to survive in the desert. Softcover 328 Pages 6" x 9" ISBN 978-1-62873-800-1 Item Number 45050