PROFORCE Book - Mountaineering; Essentials For Hikers & Climbers


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The most comprehensive, detailed, and richly illustrated guide to mountaineering ever! Perfect for the complete beginner or the seasoned mountaineer, Mountaineering is a comprehensive guide for anyone who aspires to climb the world's hills and mountains. Its pages are packed full of information, including: - Hiking & trekking basics: packing your backpack to map & compass-reading tips - Rock climbing: from choosing the correct gear to how to safely climb - Winter mountaineering: predicting the weather, packing the correct clothing to the precautions necessary to stay safe - Alpinism: from hut and climbing etiquette to climbing alpine routes quickly - Ski mountaineering and snowshoeing: choosing the right equipment to finding the best snow for your gear - Expeditions: raising funds to planning your trip—including the necessary gear and food—to getting the necessary vaccines and visas This is the book to turn to if you're planning a trip to, on, or up a mountain. So why do mountain climbers rope themselves together? To prevent the sensible ones from going home! Learn this and so much more throughout Mountaineering, and soon you can join Alun Richardson and George Manley all the way to the top. With over two hundred color illustrations and three hundred color photographs, and featuring some of the world's most inspirational mountain ranges, this is the book to turn to if you're planning a trip to, on, or up a mountain. Soft Cover 368 Pages 7.5" x 9.5" ISBN 978-1-62914-441-2 Item Number 45020