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Parachute, T-10R, 24 ft. diameter surplus military parachute canopy. Canopy only. Lines have been cut, usually leaving approx. 12 in. for tie-downs.

All of our parachutes have been inspected to be free of holes or tears.

Tough yet lightweight Military grade nylon canopies are ideal for temporary covers or shelter. Commonly adapted for shades, heated mechanic/construction site outdoor cover, temporary grain silos, coral roofs or event canopies/tents.

Additional paracord sold separately. Not recommended for use when jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

Canopy Shape : Flat Circular
Nominal Canopy Diameter [ft]: 24
Canopy Material: MIL-C-7020 Type I
Standard Color: Olive Green

Additional Information:
The T-10R Parachute is reserve type designed to be activated manually, by means of a ripcord, by the parachutist in the event the primary parachute malfunctions. It provides capability to safely deliver an airborne trooper and individual equipment from an aircraft in flight for a vertical assault on an enemy. This is emergency parachute opened manually by means of a ripcord actuated by the jumper. Both parachute assemblies consist of a flat circular 24-feet diameter canopy, and a pack assembly with ripcord. The 24-feet type troop chest reserve has a spring-actuated umbrella type pilot parachute with bridle line.

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