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Uniform repairs are inevitable for any professional. That’s why you need to keep a compact sewing kit on hand, like the Sewing Kit by McNett® Tactical. Featuring high-quality thread, military buttons, sewing needles, straight pins, safety pins, a seam ripper and thimble, this lightweight sewing kit repairs ripped clothing, broken equipment or anything else that needs mending. The included repair manual ensures even the most novice needle worker can make needed repairs to tactical gear. When you need to sew clothing, repair uniforms or replace Velcro, grab a Sewing Kit by McNett Tactical. - Sewing Kit Contains High-Quality Threads and Needles - Military Buttons and Threads (Foliage Green) - Compact and Lightweight Travel Kit - Sew Clothing and Repair Rips and Tears - Includes Instructions and Repair Manual - Contains Thimble, Seam Ripper, Thread, Coyote Buttons, Sewing Needles, Straight Pins and Safety Pins

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