• GENUINE SURPLUS US Issue, Survival Kit, New

GENUINE SURPLUS US Issue, Survival Kit, New


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These are the same kits the U.S. Government issues to our troops. In this kit are the necessities to help you survive for the length of time until you get yourself to help or help finds you. The Camillus pocket knife included in this kit is becoming more and more hard to find. Sealed in unused condition. Kit includes: Wire Saw with 2 blades Snare Wire Candle 2 ea. Plastic Bags Survival Blanket (Emergency Blanket) Camillus Pocket Knife Signal Mirror Whistle Compass Magnesium Fire Starter Drinking Water Bag Matches All this plus a fishing kit which includes: Fishing Instruction Booklet Pocket Size Metal Case 2 Treble Hooks, Size 1 2 Straight Shank Hooks, Size 9/10 6 Hooks, size 6 1 Leader Packet, Assorted (8 Leaders and 2 Spare Snap Swivels) Mount Assembly Mono Line 18 lb. test, 50 ft. Mono Line 63 lb. test, 50 ft. Assembly of Assorted Needles Assembly of 8 size 3 Safety Pins Lure Spoon No. 6 (Stainless Steel) Lure Spoon No. 3 , w/Weed guard (stainless steel) Lure Spoon No. 4, Red/White (Stainless Steel) Card, Leader Knots and Hitches Single Edge Razor Blade

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