• GENUINE SURPLUS Genuine Surplus, TK-4 Helmet, Chinese

GENUINE SURPLUS Genuine Surplus, TK-4 Helmet, Chinese


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Truly a beautiful piece! Ideal for any collector, enthusiast, or for any one who wants a cool conversation piece! Here is a quick description: The Chinese TK-4A helmet shows that while it draws upon prior Russian pressure helmet technology, a few interesting and uniquely Chinese improvements to the basic engineering approach have been added. Unless one has a full three-view perspective of this helmet to base a first opinion on, it would appear from a frontal view only to be quite similar in external appearance to the US Air Force version of the Mk.IV type Navy pressure helmet of the early 60s, with a complexly curving clear external visor. However, it is very readily apparent that this helmet utilises an oronasal mask inside the pressure helmet itself--a feature that quickly sets it apart from Western full pressure or partial pressure helmets. Seen from the other views, it is also apparent that the TK-4A uses no swiveling (or fixed) neck ring, in the manner of the Russian GSH-6 series helmets. Further, the rear of the helmet is canted upwards, with a zippered entry into an OD external fabric (nylon) neck piece that is bonded to the inferior edge of the hardshell; inside this, there is a rubber neck dam that the head is inserted through (like the Russian GSH-6 helmets). Thus is bears some remote resemblance in its features to the 1960s Taylor and ML Aviation partial pressure helmets from the UK. The inner oronasal oxygen mask cup is of the demand type and it entrains oxygen directly from a tube continuation of the oxygen hose that enter the front of the helmet on the left side. The mask is fastened to the wearer's face through use of an inner fabric helmet, utilising short straps on each side of the face that attach to hooks on the cup. Unlike the Russian and Western helmet systems in which the earphone system cushions are included as components of the inner cloth helmet, the TK-4A has earphone receivers are inset in cushions that are attached to the helmet's hardshell. The inner fabric mask serves only to hold the oronasal oxygen mask in position on the face, inside the helmet. Demisting of the clear external visor is accomplished through electrically heated filament strips bonded to the upper and lower interior of the visor glazing. An inner, articulated swiveling sun visor may be lowered across the eyes in much the same manner as that used in the Russian GSH-6 helmet, while pneumatic seal around the periphery of the clear visor inflates to seal the helmet when the visor is in the down and locked position. The helmet shell appears to be made of a smoothly finished plastic or fiberglass composite material painted white.

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