• GENUINE SURPLUS Gas Mask - Russian - Civilian - [Complete]

GENUINE SURPLUS Gas Mask - Russian - Civilian - [Complete]

  • Gas Mask - GP-5 - Russian - Civilian - [Complete]
  • Article number: SGM-RUSCIVM
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Jacob Foster Posted on 28 November 2017 at 23:10

I just recently brought this gas mask and i'm very very happy. The filter you originally see in the picture does not come with it. The one that does is a modern polish NATO filter. It's much better. That filter in the picture is dangerous and contains asbestos, so a big thanks to this store for giving us the safe filters! The overall quality of the mask is superb, though i do recommend washing it before use (put the mask in hot soapy water WITHOUT FILTER, OR IT WILL BREAK!) and you're good to go. I would really recommend this. Head on down to Crown Store Surplus now!

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Gas Mask, Russian, Civilian, [Complete]

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