• GENUINE SURPLUS Gas Mask, Czech CM3, Issue

GENUINE SURPLUS Gas Mask, Czech CM3, Issue


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Called the "Model Z" by some, this Czech military gas mask manufactured by the "Red October" unit of Gumárny Zubri, a subsidiary of the oldest rubber Optimit company in Odry, Czechoslovakia, is more technically known by its manufacturer's model number, the (OM) CM-3. The Czech CM-3 gas mask began production in 1961. A must have for any gas mask collector, the Model Z Czech gas mask (Czech CM-3 gas mask) is one of the more rare models from the Cold War Era with its Bakelite speech diaphragm. The Czech Model Z is more technically known by its manufacturer model number the CM3. It was first produced and introduced in Czechoslovakia. This protective respiratory system provides full facial coverage with dual eye openings for a clear view. This Czech protective face gas mask intends to provide protection for your face, eyes, and respiratory system against harmful toxins while the impact resistant goggles allows you to see. This Czech gas mask protect the eyes, face and respiratory system against classified NBC agents. The Czech Model Z gas mask design offers optimum comfort and fit, while causing minimal interference with day to day physical activities. This gas mask is designed for mature users and intended for civilian use. This is an unissued mask with a new filter. This model features a voice box, or speech diaphragm, making it easier to communicate while wearing the CM3. Although these protective coverings have been specially designed to protect the eyes, face, and respiratory system from toxic agents they can also be utilized as costume for themed parties and much more.

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