• GENUINE SURPLUS Canteen, Israeli Gas Mask

GENUINE SURPLUS Canteen, Israeli Gas Mask


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Staying hydrated in a chemically exposed environment is a key integral part for any gas mask users health. The Israeli canteen with straw safely and securely protects fluids against exposure to toxic nuclear, biological, and chemical agents. This durable canteen with straw is equipped with a with a flexible straw that allows the gas mask user to safely partake in drinking in any contaminated environment. This canteen allows access for a drinking tube/straw that can be held vertically with the cap down, so water flows smoothly through the protective respiratory tube. This specially made canteen makes it possible for users to drink without having to remove the gas mask or risk exposing the contents of the canteen to toxic airborne pollutants. This top quality canteen is a brand new product directly imported from Israel. The material is made up of durable, leak-proof plastic and is available in a green olive color. This canteen can be applied to various gas masks and other protective accessories such as the Israeli gas mask or the M-15 gas mask as well as air supply units.