• FIRSTSPEAR FirstSpear, M4 (5.56) Triple Speed Reload, w/Pistol Front, 6/9

FIRSTSPEAR FirstSpear, M4 (5.56) Triple Speed Reload, w/Pistol Front, 6/9

  • A 3-Section Magazine Pocket that takes many of the preferred security and concealment features and integrates them into one system.
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Originally developed at the request of a Federal Special Operations Group this pocket will hold three M4 magazines and three pistol magazines. The M4 pockets are polymer reinforced and precision fitted to retain one 30 round 5.56X45 (three total) magazine partially exposed to facilitate a speed reload. FS speed tabs provide additional retention and can be easily removed if not desired. The three pistol pockets will hold a variety of magazines from single stack .45 all the way up to double stack HK .45. Pistol pockets come with FS speed reload tabs and full flaps configured by the user.

Available in 6/9™ attachment style only.



Developed specifically for those Users who have not yet adopted FirstSpear™ 6/12™ platforms, the 6/9™ Modular Pocket Technology is not only completely backward compatible with legacy MOLLE/PALS style load carriage or armor carrier platforms, but also offers significant weight reduction over traditional MOLLE/PALS pockets.  Due to the flexible nature of the attachment straps and tighter tolerances when compared to traditional MOLLE/PALS, 6/9™ pockets actually mount closer to the body and conform tighter to the platform.  Already adopted by Professional Users within the joint US Special Operations Forces community, this system provides many advantages over the traditional MOLLE/PALS system and can further help facilitate transition into the 6/12™ Modular Pocket Technology where the ultimate in weight savings, signature management and tight fit can be achieved.