HAPPY YAK Coconut Thai Soup (gluten free)


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Our coconut-Thai inspired soup is to die for. You will definitely enjoy the distinctive taste which gets its rich flavor from such aromatic ingredients as coconut milk, special herbs, roasted almonds, ginger, curry and rice vermicelli. Sit back and enjoy a taste of Thai that will tickle your taste buds! Yak Express, Yak Vegetarian and Yak Comfort selections With its exotic aromas, its generous portion of noodles and its thick coconut milk broth, this soup is none other than a heavenly combination! Did you know? In Thailand, soup is considered a health food as it strengthens the immune system. Not only does it play a key role in the fight against influenza, it leads to vasodilatation which in turn helps blood to flow more easily. Thai cuisine is somewhat similar to Chinese, Indian and Burmese gastronomy. However, its uniqueness resides in its use of curry, mint, lemongrass, coriander and red basil.

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