• Capsul, DUO-LOK Tabs RFID Blocking

Capsul, DUO-LOK Tabs RFID Blocking


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About DUO-LOK™ As you may know, cards bearing the RFID symbol or the mention of PayPass™ or PayWave™ are vulnerable to identity theft. Duo-Lok™ RFID protection comes in a set of 2 tabs. Duo-Lok™ tab shields are made of a thin, flexible, highly durable, metallic and plastic composite that can protect as many as 6 RFID cards when used with Capsul Case and up to 2 RFID cards in a regular wallet. Its tiny triads in a hexagonal matrix shield your RFID cards from unauthorized scanning. Duo-Lok™ RFID protection was designed to be use with women’s and men’s classic wallets, as well as Capsul cardholders. Protect yourself with DUO-LOK™ tab shields Ultra-thin Protect from identity theft Fits perfectly with your Capsul case Suitable for a wide variety of wallets Rest easy on your next trip/vacation

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