JULBO Camino, Mat Brown, Spectron 3 Lens


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DESCRIPTION HIKING FURTHER, LIGHTER Letting your footsteps and eyes lead you, whether it's walking to Compostela, taking the legendary Stevenson Trail or trekking around Mont Blanc... Long distance trails offer freedom and slow pleasures, with the focus firmly on discovery and observation. Julbo has invented an essential, light and functional piece of kit for trekkers. With ultra wide coverage and protective REACTIV Photochromic or category 4 lenses, Camino offers faultless protection so you can go all the way. - TECHNICAL FEATURES - Cord attachment : Allows attachment of a cord. Curved temples : Ergonomic profile for good grip on the face and head. Removable side shields : Side protection from sunlight. Supplied with an adjustable cord : Hold and security. The cord length can be changed with the adjustment loop. Total Cover : Maximum protection from sunlight in extreme conditions. Lens depth : 43 Distance : 15 Temple length : 135 Base : 6 Hinges : Oui Lens size : 58 Age : Adult

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