• BUFF Lightweight Merino Wool, Solid Black

BUFF Lightweight Merino Wool, Solid Black


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Eco friendly - Crafted with 100% Natural Merino wool. Lightest Merino Wool: 125 gr/m². Enjoy multifunctionality: choose your wearing style! Features Fabrics preventing any possible bacterial growth and to prevent a bad smells when used. 100% Produced using exclusively renewable resources and processes always respectful with the animals to minimize the effects on the ecosystem. Low weight product, designed to be extremely light to wear. Find the right accessory to combine and achieve the outfit you are searching for. Plenty of styles and colors available. Totally 100% Eco-Friendly product. Help building a better world and enjoy the natural touch of our eco products. Designed for all-year-round. Created for versatility and protection during any kind of outdoor activities.

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