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AIR BANDIT Air Bandit Filtered Bandana


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Your Lungs...Your life! You live in the active mode. And you deserve to breathe easy. But what's in the air you breathe? How much harm are pollen, pollutants and other airborne particulates or contaminants doing to your lungs, your body, your health? Active lifestyles and careers expose us, everyday, to potentially harmful airborne particles: Clouds of dust, mold spores, vehicle exhaust, paint vapors, road grime such as tire dust, anti-freeze, oil, transmission fluid, and so on, plus airborne pathogens, tree pollen, grass pollen and other allergens, smoke, ash, carcinogens, feces, and much more. Sometimes our bodies react with sneezing and other allergy symptoms, asthma attacks, coughing spasms. Sometimes the damage is silent, deep, and deadly. There are more than 80,000 chemicals in our environment. Many haven't yet been thoroughly tested for their health risks. Some chemicals are so harmful that they were banned more than 30 years ago, yet they still remain present in the environment contaminating the soil, water, ocean and air. Precaution is the Key Here's the number one recommendation of the 2008-09 Executive Report of the President's Panel on Cancer: “A precautionary, prevention-based approach should replace current reactionary approaches to environmental contaminants (AKA Pollution).” The more active you are – in yard and garden work, outdoor recreational activities, construction and other rugged occupations – the greater your potential exposure. Protect your lungs = Protect your life You already take plenty of smart actions and pre-cautions – drink fluids, buckle your seatbelt, strap on a helmet or don a hard hat. You work out, and eat healthy, life-giving foods. But, what are your doing to protect your lungs? Think about it. Every breath you draw is filled with microscopic particles that could potentially damage your health. Now the affordable and highly efficient Air Bandit Filtered Bandana gives you something very smart to do about the air you breathe. With its comfortable and tailored fit, its rugged good looks and its bacteria-fighting filtration material – a blend of organic cotton and bamboo fibers – the Air Bandit filtered bandana helps to stop irritants and pollutants before they reach your lungs. Strap on the Air Bandit: Ample Velcro fasteners makes the Air Bandit snug and secure for adults of all sizes. The FlexFit Nose Bridge forms to your nose and cheekbones, minimizing any gaps. A generous swath of filtration forms a protective barrier all the way from the bridge of your nose down to your upper chest and across the the entire width of your face. Tuck your Air Bandit into your shirt front or tie it off below the chin for added protection. Then saddle up, fire up your dirt bike or your off-road charger, cruise Route 66, crank up your chainsaw, your power mower or leaf blower. Build that new garage or demo that old barn. Plow that field. Heel that steer. Plant that garden and till the soil. Sweep the eves for cobwebs, take out the trash or clean out the vacuum filter. Scrub the oven. Take on Baja, the Rubicon or shoot a rooster tail in the dunes at Glamis. Blaze at Burning Man and hike Yosemite in the spring. The Air Bandit filtered bandana lets you work hard, play hard and fully enjoy the great outdoors. No matter where you go the Air Bandit has you covered. Battle Tested No other industry is faced with such extreme environmental contaminants as the Fire Service. Day in and day out these men and women face the many pollutants that vaporize and burn during traffic collisions, house and industrial fires, brush fires and more. It's no wonder that Fire Fighters have one of the highest incident rates of cancer of any profession. That is why the Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation(www.FFcancer.org) actively endorses and recommends the use of the Air Bandit Filtered Bandana, currently in use by firefighters throughout the US and Canada.

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