• 5 Layer Carbon Fliter
  • 5 Layer Carbon Fliter

5 Layer Carbon Fliter

  • Tactical Innovations 5 Ply Replacement Fliter for Face Mask w/ Active Carbon Layer
  • Article number: TICPM25FL
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5-LAYER NON-WOVEN FILTRATION MATERIAL (WITH ACTIVE CARBON LAYER) Material Specifications: 1x activated carbon 2x non-woven clothes 2x meltblown papers. Filter size: Adults 4.5" x 3.2" The 2.5 in PM2.5 refers to the diameter size of particles in micrometers. The symbol for micrometers also known as microns is µm and is also described in decimals as 0.001 millimeters. (As reference the diameter of the human hair is 0.1 millimetres) Size comparison diagram shown below from the Environmental Protection Agency PM2.5 Inhaling 2.5mircons particles transferred and carried through air will aggravate breathing airways, Particles this size can penetrate deep in to the lung and into the blood stream from that point. It is recommended to change your filter twice a week if filter is used daily.

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